Supply Chain Management (General Trading)

Seasonal Trading

Success every season

Kayel’s seasonal trading division leads the sector in the import and export of seasonal products. Kayel has over 25 years’ experience of sourcing, import and distribution experience for seasonal products…


Improving the value chain

The Kayel commodities trading division was established in 2009. The division has successfully become a key global market player in the fields off Plastics, Cement, Coal and Iron Ore with firmly established infrastructure, facilities, quality control & logistics to ensure every deal is delivered to Kayel’s customers expectations. Our operations span markets in Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and South America…


Adding value to every relationship

Kayel’s FMCG division provides great emphasis on value added services to ensure it has a solid foundation for the appreciation of the fundamental elements, which include; product range, product development and efficient logistics. In order to minimize risk and maximize utilization of experience. Kayel have formed strategic relationships with FMCG products and brands to ensure proven quality and success…