Corporate Social Responsibility

We know our place in the world. We recognise that everything we all do has an effect – good or bad – on the communities in which we work, be they local, national or global. We do not ignore the impact our business activities have on the people and the planet.

We believe that clean water for all is a right.

We believe in free and fair voting systems.

We believe that business has a duty and the responsibility to contribute to the society that gave it the people, infrastructure and raw materials to succeed.

So we founded FoundationRM, in memory of Heny’s brother Raj. It’s a fund-raising body that works with grassroots charities to provide financial support for long-term benefits to schools, hospitals, self-help groups, and the seriously disadvantaged in the countries in which Kayel operates. FoundationRM works closely with Mission to the Nation, an NGO agency headed by Paparoa Yelchuri in the state of Andrha Pradesh, India

We’re using our skills, profits and talents to invest in the health and wellbeing of the communities in which we work but we don’t neglect our own staff. Our attitude of responsibility is one of the pillars that have helped build our business. Our organisational culture and values are embedded in our relationships with fellow team members and our clients. Our global commitment to entrepreneurship and excellence within a framework of meritocracy, fairness and honesty guide all of our activities and relationships.

We’ll continue to encourage the global community to share its good fortune and spread compassion and tolerance around the communities in which we live and work.