Small beginnings. Big ambition.

Five years after leaving school at 16, Heny Mahtani starts Kayel as a Supply Chain Management Company in Hong Kong. Despite only starting a small family business, Heny has always had aspirations of growing this into a diverse, multi-national group of businesses.

Spreading Christmas Cheer

In 1988, Kayel forms a partnership with Premier Decorations Ltd. Twenty years later, Premier has grown to become the largest importer and distributor of Christmas decorations in the United Kingdom.

A New Healthcare Revolution

Over the years Kayel has continued to diversify in to the healthcare space. The company believes it is positioned to be a pioneer in the wellness and anti-aging space

Ensuring Secure, Fair
Elections in Africa

In 2012, Kayel is invited to supply security equipment for an election in Africa. This creates more opportunities throughout the continent to supply securities equipment and software to government agencies and large corporations.

Technology in Africa

As a part of its global expansion plans after the financial crisis of 2008, Kayel creates partnerships with the publicly-listed and private technology companies, to supply their products to governments and corporations across Africa.

Introducing Affordable,
Clean Water

Kayel’s belief that access to clean drinking water should be a human right, not a privilege has led to a focus on water. The company have got the exclusive distribution rights in Africa for a patented air-to-water machine. The revolutionary machines are able to produce affordable, clean drinking water from the air’s humidity.