Herbal Pro

Transitioning lifestyles naturally

Herbal Pro is based in Nigeria and Ghana and is a lifestyle business that helps people improve their health through safe, natural nutritional supplements and practical advice. Its mission is to provide high quality and affordable alternative medicines and treatments in markets where there is an unmet need for these solutions…

First Clinic

Compassionate and professional walk-in healthcare

FirstClinic was founded by leading medical and healthcare experts that offer holistic solutions in the management of life-threatening diseases. Based on over 30 years of experience in medical research and active field work around the world the need was seen for a world class service provider to educate people and offer affordable and proven health solutions…

Excellency Centers

State-of-the-art physiotherapy in downtown Dubai

A leading physiotherapy business located in the hub of downtown Dubai. The services offered by Excellency include consultations with its full time rehabilitation specialist physician, as well as providing individuals with state of the art rehabilitation techniques and technologies. A personalised program…